Benefits Of The Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetables

FD freeze-drying technology is a mature, new and disruptive technology, which first appeared in the United States and Russia, and is used in the field of aerospace food. Today, in addition to being used in aerospace, military, mountaineering, tourism, exploration, mining and other industries, freeze-dried food has now entered restaurants and homes. From the general development trend, the energy consumption of equipment is getting lower and lower, and the production cycle is getting shorter and shorter. The price of freeze-dried food in the international market is 4-6 times that of hot-air-dried dehydrated food, and it is becoming a hot commodity in international trade. In this case, our company is committed to providing a variety of freeze-dried products to users around the world while taking advantage of its natural advantages,such as freeze dried yellow peach, freeze dried mango, freeze dried dragonfruit, freeze dried diced chicken, freeze dried sweet corn, etc.



When freeze-dried food is processed, the ingredients are basically in an anaerobic and completely dark environment, and the thermal denaturation is small, which effectively maintains the color, aroma, taste and shape of the fresh ingredients, and maximizes the preservation of various vitamins, Nutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins, and nutrients such as chlorophyll, biological enzymes, amino acids, and flavor substances.

In the freeze-drying process, the solid ice crystals sublime into water vapor, leaving voids in the food, so the vacuum freeze-dried food has a dry sponge-like porous structure, and therefore has ideal instant solubility and rapid and almost complete rehydration . Just add an appropriate amount of water when eating, and it can be restored to a near-fresh taste within seconds to minutes.

Freeze-dried food is completely dehydrated and light in weight, so it is very convenient to use and carry, and most freeze-dried pet food is packaged in vacuum or nitrogen-filled to protect from light. The shelf life of this sealed package at room temperature can be as long as 3 to 5 years, or even longer.


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