Production Process Of The Freeze Dried Carrot

Freeze-dried food, different from dried food, not only has a complete color, aroma, taste and shape, but also preserves nutrients such as vitamins and proteins in the food. Lightly processed before eating, it will revert to fresh food within minutes. Freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, meat, aquatic products, seasonings, etc., in addition to being used in aerospace, military supplies, mountaineering, tourism, exploration, mining and other industries, have now entered restaurants and homes.

Freeze dried carrot

The production process of freeze-dried carrots

1. Process flow

Raw material → sorting → washing → slicing → blanching → loading → pre-freezing → sublimation drying → packaging → finished product.

2. Raw material sorting

Choose orange-red carrots with a smooth, thick surface, texture and uniform size.

3. Slicing

Cut peeled carrots into 3mm thick slices.

4, blanching

Soak the cut carrots in 90°C water for 1 minute, then immediately cool in cold water.

5. Pre-freezing

Keep the pre-freezing temperature at -40°C, and freeze for 5 hours when the sample temperature reaches -40°C.

6. Sublimation drying

Frozen items must be dried quickly by vacuum sublimation, allowing the frozen moisture to sublime directly. Keep the sublimation pressure around 5Pa.


At this stage, Fitaky's freeze-dried products also include freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried mangoes, freeze-dried corn kernels, etc. 

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